Enterprise 2.0: Crowd-sourcing problems with Wiki

At one point in time, everyone have used Wikipedia either to search for some information or contribute to the community. Wikipedia is a great example of a wiki that is open to public and has become a collaborative work space where knowledge is contributed and shared to the public.To simply explain what a Wiki is, it is platform that allow different people to co-author and share information to create a collective wealth of knowledge. Wikis can also be much more than that. Using wiki in an enterprise Eco system can help an organization to share information that would be lost in emails, training, solve problems and even improve collaboration within the organization. A post on Gigaon.com by Leo Babauta list different uses for a wiki.

Last week I wrote a post on how micro-blogging and blogging can help Global Journey a company who specialize in tours and ferry. This week i will focus on how implementing a wiki can help an organization like Global Journey in crowd-sourcing its problems. While many organization deal with its problem either individually or through a forum, many of these problems that can be left unanswered or forgotten with time. These problems or questions that are left unanswered or forgotten can help benefit the organization in many ways. With the implementation of wiki in an organization, co-workers can post questions that need answering. On the other hand, other co-workers can contribute their knowledge by answering the questions posted on the wiki. Posting problems and answering them on an organization wiki is very useful because the questions asked by one user may answer the questions of others. Problems can be more than just a simple question. These problems can be something that might be simple to something that might require a lot of brainstorming in an organization. Wikis can help co-workers in the organization brainstorm and collaborate in coming up with the solution to the problem. Implementing Wiki can also help:

  • Internal Resource and Training
  • Reference for rules and policy within the organization
  • Source for information gathering
  • As a Content Management Tool

Organization like Global Journey can also greatly benefit from crowd sourcing its problems on the wiki. Problems that can be posted on the wiki can be related to how the organization operate. In can help new members who join the organization learn from the existing problems or post their questions for help. With tour companies, problems can also refer to problems addressed by the tour guide or the customers from the tour. The problems can be posted on the wiki and then answered by the co-workers. The solution to the problems can also be used to improve future tour travels or the inner working in the organization. Furthermore,  the answer for the problems may also help address and solve other problems. Wiki can act as a collective knowledge base that can increase collaboration in problem solving and finding better methods to improve the productivity of the organization.

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About sukhshans

Web Developer currently studying at QUT (Queensland University of Technology) Garden Point Campus at Brisbane to acquire Master in Information Technology. Loves all thing gadget related. Enjoys playing good games and having good food.


  1. Hi Sukshan,
    I think wiki can increase between corporations collaboration. Staffs may do some contribution together, such as modify information. Besides, coworkers also can use wiki ask question even share their idea or information. As a result, wiki may has positive influence in organization.

    • As more and more people in the organization use the wiki, the wiki will become information rich and a great source for information. Co-workers can then find answers to the many questions that have already be answered.

  2. Hi Sukshan,
    I agree with you that some problems can be posted on the wiki and then answered by the co-workers, actually in my point of view this is the most important think about Wikis (in this case external wikis) when we are talking about a company, because the feedback that a company can get from customers could mean a competitive advantage over other companies.


    • I have to admit I forgot about the advantage of using an external wiki due to security concerns but an external wiki for collection question and answers can give any organization a competitive edge in acquiring knowledge from consumer and well as feedback.

  3. Yo!

    I like your idea that problems can be posted on wiki which would then be answered by the respective authority. Employee could easily get their reply instantly since everyone is sharing the same document. Compared to using forum, some comments post might be lost or forgotten. As a result, the employee would never get his question reply.

    Edwina Tan

    • Have a platform that combines all the existing and future problem is very indeed very beneficial to an organization. It can also help the organization evaluate on where the problems happen and learn from them.

  4. Leo

    Hi Sukshan,

    Yes, Wiki does well in gathering the information and solutions of problem. I have also mentioned in my blog last week that those solutions of problems are a precise asset for Global Journeys. It acts as a dictionary, where employees can find alternatives to solve the problems that they come with. This wiki strategy really helps Global Journeys to save costs and be more effective.


    • As wiki become more content packed and more information are added, it will become a great source of knowledge and great asset for the organization. While it might take time to build up the wiki, it will be a worth while investment.

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  6. hi Sukhshans,
    That is true that wikis are useful especially in the case of remoted co-workers : if they have a question but don’t well the team enough to know who asking to, they can just add their quesiton to the wiki and wait for someone to reply! Particularly, it will be very useful for a company such as Global Journeys !


    • It is true that being a new member might be hard to approach someone. A person who wants to participate and share ideas can also join the conversation and post his answers to the problems within the organization. It is a win-win situation for the co-worker and the organization too.

  7. In travel businesses, they are bound to face lots of problems and lots of new problem everyday. Wiki is a very useful to track each problem. They can find the solution to the past problem easily and can have anyone in the organization to help contribute to fix new problems. This is really helpful to reduce a huge chunk of work load that the employees from Global Journey need to find solution themselves.


    Prapat W.

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  9. shaungoossens

    Hi Sukshan,
    You provide excellent examples of how wikis can be used productively!
    I can imagine being a new person in a company having a Wiki with questions and answers that is easy to search will be much more welcome then an employee handbook.
    – Shaun

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